Airwave Pte Ltd has been appointed by FRESH-AIRE UV (U.S.A) to be their official distributor for their extensive range of products (UVC Systems especially catered for AHU application) in Singapore & the ASEAN Region.

FRESH-AIRE UV is the most reputable UVC Equipment supplier in the U.S.A having accomplished numerous jobs leaving customers extremely satisfied.

Standard Commercial UV Light

The ideal UV light system for surface to air treatment. Easy installation with advanced multi-voltage water-resistant power supply featuring Triatomic Lifetime Power Supply Warranty. This system effectively kills mold, bacterial and viruses in HVAC equipment. You will save energy by keeping the system cleaner, lowering maintenance costs and reducing chemical exposure to maintenance workers.

  • Normal to high output options for surface or air treatment.
  • High quality water-resistant lamps.
  • Multi-voltage water-resistant power supply, normal to high output.
  • L-brackets for flexible hardware installation.
  • Triatomic lifetime power supply warranty.
  • Kills mold, bacteria and viruses in the HVAC System.
  • Saves energy by keeping components cleaner.
  • Lowers maintenance costs- reduced cleanings.
  • Reduces worker staff exposure to chemicals.


“ADS” Airborne Disinfection System

The Fresh-Aire UV Air Disinfection System (ADS) delivers exceptional single pass airborne inactivation of dangerous pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mold. Installed parallel to the airstream, the versatile and flexible design of ADS delivers unparalleled disinfection rates by maximizing exposure time with the air.

*Sized according to CFM, duct size, air recirculation rates & target for inactivation.

Special features of the FRESH-AIRE UV Lamp (TUVC Series)

  • The FRESH-AIRE UV Lamp are the ONLY Manufacturers that offers a Lifetime Warranty on all factory parts excluding the Lamps.
  • The UV Lamp comes with 1 tube and 1 power supply unit (dual tubes, triple tubes, quad tubes with 1 power supply unit can also installed) in a NEMA Box with a switch and fuse to turn it on / off (no other control panel is required, no ballast and ballast control panel is needed).
  • The Power supply unit automatically can switch power source of 127-277 VAC 50/60hrtz, anything in this range will work.
  • FRESH-AIRE integrated lamp cables and connectors are the best in the industry. They are water tight and very high Quality. This is to prevent Electrical Trip during long operation.
  • The Lamp’s life span ranges from 18,000hrs (2 years) High Output.
  • Only annual lamp replacements are required, estimated replacement time of 30 minutes per AHU per year.
  • The optional door interlock switch kit, to kill the power to the UVC unit when the door is opened.
  • The optional UV monitor also know as the UVC Radiometer, to monitor the UVC tubes condition, it will have a “dry contact” switched relay that will send the signal to the BMS.
  • Installation materials also included, mounting brackets, mounting clips, misc, hardware, UV resistant remote cables, 1″ view port and warning labels
  • Fresh-Aire UV kits comes as a ready to install, manufactured in the U.S.A


JTC CleanTech Two

Equinix SG3

Satisfied Customer:

Airwave has installed the Fresh-Aire UV Systems across the 2 buildings.

This product is highly effective at eliminating mould, bacteria and viruses whilst also maintaining cooling coil cleanliness and maintenance frequency.

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