“F2F” Series
Electronic Air Filter Array

High Cleaning Capacity with Great Saving Potential

  • Status & Performance with On, Wash, Check Mains Led Indicator
  • Multiple Units Structure to meet System Airflow Requirements
  • Pressure Drop – 0.14″WG – 0.19″WG (35Pa to 48Pa)
  • Ozone Concentrations – 0.004 mg/m3
  • ASHRAE Standard 52.2 – 2017 (Merv 14) Test Report Approved and Available for viewing


The “F2F” commercial Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) that is mounted to the Air ventilating system. It captures airborne particles 0.01 microns inclusive of harmful Bacteria.


  • Front loading makes maintenance convenient
  • Saved HVAC energy cost
  • User friendly maintenance procedures

Top or Side Loading of Cells:

The “F2T & F1T” can be inserted in between the Duct Work, this allows the air cleaner cell to be withdrawn from either the side or the top.
This gives the incorporating of the EAC another option for duct installation.

Satisfied   Customer:

Airwave has been selected to provide a total 123 units of F2F Series for the Kinesis Fusionopolis building.

The client has cited the product quality and user friendly functionalities as the key reasons for this project.

Satisfied   Customer:

The Singapore Temasek Polytechnic installed a total of 126 units in their 3 new wings located on their campus, helping to safeguard their students during the Haze as well as other air pollution problems. The HVAC system maintains cooling coil cleanliness to help save energy during daily operations.

Our Clients

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