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Established in 1989, Airwave Pte Ltd have been specializing in Electrostatic Air Cleaner (ESP) for the past 30 years.

One of our signature products is the Kitchen Exhaust Electrostatic Air Cleaner equipped with UVC Lamp for odour elimination and control, this product being the first in its application by our company.

In 1991, we conceptualized and brought into reality an effective Electrostatic Air Cleaner system for our Nation’s transport provider air-con buses (SBS Transit), the first in the entire world.

Since than, we have invented and developed other Electrostatic Air Cleaner systems to help other sectors of industry to enjoy clean air and yet,  still be cost effective, user friendly and durable.

Our List of Products for Electrostatic Air Cleaner (ESP) for Kitchen & Industrial usage:

  • “K” Series ESP:
    ESP built to be cost effective, easy to install, long machine life span and high durability power supply for high voltage usage.
  • “S” Series ESP:
    ESP equipped with UV Lights to combat 3 major problems of Grease, Smoke & Odours from the Kitchen.
  • “D” Series ESP:
    ESP with 2 Cells in 1 Cabinet design, this provides an enhanced Smoke & Grease cleaning efficiency. Also, reduces machine quantity requirements saving cost for the customer.

Our List of Products for Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) for Buildings, Offices and Hospital usage:

  • “F2F” Series EAC:
    The Electronic Air Filter Array is a highly efficient Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) that is mounted to the existing air heating, cooling, or ventilation system.
  • “SR” Series EAC:
    “SR” Series Ceiling Flush-mounted Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner eliminates up to 95% of dust germ & viruses in the enclosed space.
  • The SR Series UVC Lamp for bacteria, germ, odour elimination and control was the first in such application by our company.

Airwave is a leader in the manufacturing of the Electrostatic Air Cleaner systems. During our long history we have revolutionized the application of the humble Electrostatic Air Cleaner into a major component in both commercial and non-commercial buildings.

UVC Lights for Commercial application:

In 2013, Fresh-Aire UV USA has appointed our company as the sole distributor to represent their list of superior UVC products. These remarkable products were highly effective in numerous building and hospital in meeting the needs and demands for their AHUs and FCUs.

Our List of Products for Commercial UVC products:

  • Standard Commercial UV Light (TUVC):
    The Standard Commercial UV System from Fresh-Aire UV offers easy and flexible installation. It includes an advanced multi-voltage water-resistant power supply. All parts (except lamps) are covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS):
    The Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS) from Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series addresses the need for surface disinfection in spaces that are prone to biological contamination or where biohazards must be kept to an absolute minimum. ESDS uses germicidal UVC light to disinfect room surfaces when the area is unoccupied.
  • APCO/ Blue-Tube UV (Best-Selling Germicidal UV Light):
    The simple and complete choice for germicidal UV light for HVAC applications. Powerful UV-C light kills germs continuously in the air and on surfaces inside the air system.

Our company prides itself by offering a professional and friendly service geared towards customer satisfaction. As a result we have grown into one of the largest Electrostatic Air Cleaner and UVC suppliers in Singapore, the South East Asia, Middle East and other East Asia Regions. Ensuring that no matter where you are on the globe our products always reaches our Customer’s in  a safe and timely manner.

Letters of Appreciation


“My laboratory dealing with wastewater treatment work the smells and the dust content is excessively high after installating of Electronic Air Cleaner by Airwave Pte Ltd the air quality is extremely good that can breathe clean air.

Electronic Air Cleaner provided clear and timely answers to all our-quality problems. The vendors went beyond to ensure the information needed to make an educated purchase decision. It is evident they care about their product and their customer. I would highly recommend them.”


“ We must also thank you for introducing your excellent system to us. Ever since the installation of your system, we noticed a remarkable drop in lost man-hours due to illness relating to the spread of germs and viruses through the central air-conditioning system.

We would highly recommend your system to any organisation that is keen to improve the quality of air in it premises.”


“HBO Asia first engaged the services of Airwave in the year 1996 for our indoor air pollution control at our premises in New Tech Park.

Airwave’s appointment was on the strength that they were experienced, reliable and understood the corporate brief given to them.

We have been very satisfied and delighted with Airwave and have renewed their contracts when we doubled our office size.”


“ Even patients commented on how nice the air was in clinic. I was pleased I had made the right choice.

Over the years, the system has performed brilliantly and has not given any problems at all.

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“Singapore Bus Service Limited(Sing Bus) and Airwave Pte Ltd (Airwave) jointly developed a prototype electronic air cleaner in 1991. Today, Sing Bus operated a total of 1,065 air-conditioned air-conditioned buses fitted with electronic air cleaners in its fleet of 1,923 air-conditioned buses.

The installation of air-cleaners has substantially reduced the labour required to periodically clean the return-air filters.”


“This is to confirm that M/s Airwave Pte Ltd is the supplier and installer of the electrostatic air cleaners at Tampines Junction.

We are satisfied with the quality of the product and after sales services provided. The system is performing well and Singland would like to record its appreciation for a job well done.”


“Airwave Pte Ltd in one of our Citicorp listed Vendors. Service has been render to the bank for more than six years.

Their excellent services and the recommended product kept the Citicorp’s environment fresh and clean to the utmost.”

Our Clients

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