UVC Germicidal Lamp (Made in U.S.A.)

The Solution To Your Bacteria, Germs,
Mould and Fungi Problems in AHUs

  • Kill mold, viruses and bacteria in HVAC
  • Saves energy by keeping components cleaner
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty on all factory parts except lamp

How does UVC works?

The ultra-violet rays in sunlight can be used to kill bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that ultra-violet light is divided into three components, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays are known to be an effective naturally steriliser as they have a high electromagnetic wavelength. The UVC Germicidal Lamp makes use of these rays to eliminate bacteria and airborne viruses.

How UVC Germicidal Lamps can help?

UVC Germicidal Lamp is an established technology for both surface and airborne disinfection in HVAC systems. The technology works by scrambling the DNA of micro-organisms-like mould, bacteria, viruses and allergens - that are typically positioned downstream facing the coils in air-conditioning systems. FRESH-AIRE UVC Germicidal Lamp offer’s life time warranty for all factory parts except lamp.

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