UVC Germicidal Lamp (Made in U.S.A.)

The Solution To Your Bacteria, Germs,
Mould and Fungi Problems in AHUs

  • Kill mold, viruses and bacteria in HVAC
  • Saves energy by keeping components cleaner
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty on all factory parts except lamp

How does UVC works?

The ultra-violet rays in sunlight can be used to kill bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that ultra-violet light is divided into three components, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UVC rays are known to be an effective naturally steriliser as they have a high electromagnetic wavelength. The UVC Germicidal Lamp makes use of these rays to destroy bacteria and airborne viruses.

FRESH-AIRE UVC Germicidal Lamps

FRESH-AIRE UVC Germicidal Lamp is an established technology for both surface and airborne disinfection in HVAC systems. The technology works by scrambling the DNA of micro-organisms-like mould, bacteria, viruses and allergens to stop them to reproducing.

FRESH-AIRE UVC Germicidal Lamp offer’s life time warranty for all factory parts except lamp.

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