“Purified Air” ESP Autowash System

Giving Our Generation a Clean Environment

  • Once connected to the control / wash station the collection cells can be automatically cleaned at regular frequency
  • Daily cleaning keeps the filters working at their optimum efficiency and will greatly reduce the number of service visits required through the year

Technical Specification:

The control, detergent and water supply is housed in one cabinet which is placed next to the ESP units(s). One control station can operate with up to six ESP units but is also cost effective when only used with a single ESP. The main control is a PLC and this can be programmed to suit the number of ESP units and it will initiate a timed rinse, wash and dry program whilst it locks out the supply to the ESP unit(s) the wash program can be initiated manually or on a timed basis when the extract system is not operation.

There are warning signals and lamps to notify when there is a problem or the detergent tank is empty. These controls can be wired to work autonomously or via a building management system (BMS).

Satisfied   Customer:

Project – The Dubai Mall, Dubai
Airflow – 800,000 CFM
Equipment – Autowash ESP and UV

As the largest shopping mall in the world, based on total area, with over a thousand shops and hundreds of restaurants, home to the Dubai Aquarium which has one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world and houses over 33,000 living animals, SEGA Republic; the first indoor theme park in the region, The Dubai Ice Rink, the Reel Cinemas complex with 22 screens The Dubai Mall has something for everybody.

Purified Air are proud to have supplied over 100 of the best known eating establishments in the mall. From Burger King and McDonalds to TGI Fridays and Nandos to name but a few, our specialist equipment has been installed right across the gambit of restaurants to be found in this enormous shopping experience.

Our Clients

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