“King” Series ESP with Autowash

Giving Our Generation a Clean Environment

  • Dealing with smoke and oily air? The Airwave ESP with Autowash Function your answer
  • The ESP ensures clean air free of smoke & grease
  • The Autowash Function will keep your ESP running efficiently at all times
Technical Characteristics:
How does the Autowash work?

Users can set the frequency of washing:

  • Daily
  • Once per week
  • Twice per week

During washing, the machine reservoir will fill up with water to a pre-set temperature.

A high pressure water pump delivery system will expel pressurized water via high pressure nozzles on to the dirty cells. Then, the collected dirt will be drained off at the end of the wash cycle.


Site Installation Pictures:

Best Application:

  • Restaurants
  • Food Courts
  • Hawker Centres
  • Airports
  • Buildings
  • Industries


Satisfied   Customer:

Airwave has had the pleasure of installing 24 units (416,000 CMH) of our “King” series (Autowash) in the luxurious Dubai Mall located in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. These were specifically used for their large array of Restaurants and Eating Outlets.

Our Clients

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