DIRK Series
Integrated Energy-Saving
Fume Hoods

A Wise Choice For Restaurants and Kitchens

  • The “G-Cyclone Duplex Cyclone” oil-fume separation technique features in lowering resistance and unwanted noise
  • The “Air Curtain” collection technique reduces exhaust volume by 30% – 40%
  • Speedy & smooth suction doubles fume collection speed
  • UV Lamps made in USA with automatic safety functions when front filter is removed.
  • Multiple Features
    • Intelligence B25 LCD Control Box
    • Touch Screen LCD
    • Maintenance Log
    • Alarm Protection
    • Pressure Sensor Protection 

Specialized Kitchen Exhaust System

A common problem faced in the kitchen environment are that gases and odours emanated may seriously affect commercial dinning environments. Which may incur complaints, affect planned expansion plans or even result in the shutdown of the restaurant.

Why do we need a Specialized Kitchen Exhaust System? The reason being is that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is mainly determined by aeration frequency, fresh air volume, effective collection of contaminant air and having a smooth exhaust system. Whereas, fume contaminants and odours produced during cooking are the most difficult link.

To ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment, we are requested to

  • Remove Surplus Heat
  • Eliminate Odours, Oil Particles and other Exhaust Gases
  • Prevent the spread of polluted air in the kitchen and at the air outlet

A high-efficiency ventilation system can SAVE ENERGY COST by 30% and a specialized and economical kitchen ventilation system can save the MAINTENANCE COST by 60%

Patented Air Curtain Collection System



Energy efficency
Reduce the exhaust volume by 30% – 40%


Speed fume acceleration duct can increase the exhaust speed by 90%

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