“B” Series UVC & Ozone System for Kitchen Hood

Say Goodbye to Kitchen & Outdoor Odours!

  • Easy Installation & Cost Effective
  • Special Sizes & Materials can custom Made
  • Stainless Steel Frame for Durability


Grease and volatile organic compounds are easy attacked by UV-C. O2 + hv → O+O → 2 O3 H2O + hv → OH + H → OH + HO2 The double bonds of the long-chain molecules VOC are destroyed.



Ozone and OH can react with organic compounds and alters them. This reduces the odour containing compounds produced during the cooking process.

“B” Series UVC – Kitchen Hood Model



Site Installation Pictures:

Satisfied   Customer:

Airwave has had the pleasure of doing business with our satisfied customers from the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Utilizing a total of 140 sets from our “B” series range to combat smog, odours and undesirable air pollutants generated from their food preparation processes.

Our Clients

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