“B” Series UVC & OZONE
Cleaning System
(Duct Insert Model)

Say Goodbye to Kitchen & Outdoor Odours!

  • Fuss-Free Installation
  • Easy Replacement of Light
  • No Need for UV Control Panel
  • No Static Pressure Drop

Our units are specifically designed for fuss-free installation onto new or pre-existing exhaust ducts.

The whole unit components are kept out of the air stream. Lamps can be easily replaced from the unit.

Multiple units can be connected and linked directly for interlocking operations with the exhaust fan without an UV control panel, it make for interlocking easier and without extra cost to purchase the UV control panel!

Installation Process:

Our units can be installed in 2 different locations for optimum performance. This will give the Ozone a longer duration of exposure within the cooking exhaust.

Kitchen Hood (Close Distance)

Discharge Outlet (Far Distance)

Our Clients

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