“B” Series UVC & OZONE Cleaning System
(Cabinet Model)

Say Goodbye to Kitchen & Outdoor Odours!

  • Easy Installation & Cost Effective
  • Total Outdoor Discharge Odour Control

Enjoy Cleaner, Odourless Air!

How does the “B” Series system provide you with clean air? The UVC Rays breaks down the grease molecular chain into shorter and simpler chains, while oxygen reacts with the UVC light to produce Ozone.

The ozone then converts the broken down grease into safe non toxic by products like Water and Carbon Dioxide.

The reaction between ozone and grease reduces the odour causing capacity of grease and other kitchen fumes; resulting in a cooking environment that is odour free.

What is Ozone?

Ozone or O3 is a highly reactive allotrope of Oxygen. It can break down into oxygen atoms and molecules at temperatures ranging from 18 to 30 °C.

These oxygen particles have a high capacity for oxidation and decomposition. Ozone can thus oxidize and break down grease and oil to reduce kitchen odours.




Grease and volatile organic compounds are easy attacked by UV-C O2 + hv>O+O>203. The double bonds of the long-chain molecules VOC are destroyed in the process.



Ozone and OH can react with organic compounds and alters them. This reduces the odour containing compounds produced during the cooking process.

“B” Series UVC Cabinet Model for Total Outdoor Air Discharge

Installed in between the Main Exhaust Air Duct


Special Design for Bigger Air Volume


Top quality UVC tubes


Easy tray pull out system for cleaning and replacement


Outdoor installation for total outdoor odour control

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