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Research has shown that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoors. The levels of some indoor pollutants can be as much as 20 ~ 30 times higher than outdoors. These findings are even more important when you realize that most people spend 75 ~ 90% of their time indoors. A good quality Electronic Air Cleaner filters out the air pollutants, giving occupants cleaner and healthier air to breath.

Now, Let's Enjoy Clean Healthy Air!


How Concern Should You be?

Indoor air pollution, building-related illness, and "sick building syndrome" have received increased attention over the last several years. Research, conducted by various agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has shown that the quality of indoor air can be many times worse than that of the outdoor air.

Given the fact that many people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors, the health risk due to indoor air pollutants is a significant public health concern.

How Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects You?

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause or contribute to a wide array of health problems from asthma and respiratory tract infections to allergic reactions, headaches, congestion, coughing and sneezing. Poor air quality can also lead to fatigue, eye and skin irritations, as well as dizziness and nausea.

Recent data also suggests that poor IAQ can reduce a person's ability to perform mental tasks that require concentration, calculation, or memory use.

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