F2F Series Electronic Air Filter Array

We Have Never Realized The Great Saving Potential

  • Cost effective, Versatile and User Friendly
  • Multiple units array to meet system airflow requirement
  • Improved indoor air quality immediately
  • Greater comfort and health solutions

What is an Electronic Air Filter Array?

The F2F Electronic Air Filter Array is a highly efficient commercial electronic air cleaner that is mounted to the existing air heating, cooling, or ventilating system. It captures airborne particles as small as 0.01 micron as well as bacteria and harmful fumes from the air that is circulated through it. It can be installed at fresh air intake FCU and AHU.

What Are The Features of F2F?

Multiple units can array to meet system airflow requirement. Its solid-state, self-regulating power supply maintains peak efficiency even during a wide area of cell loading occurs.

F2F comes installed with indicator light signals which allow easy checking and maintenance on the system. It is also capable of direct interface with building management systems.



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